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  1. Gentlemen:

    My wife and I have been leading Normandy D-Day tours for the last 10 years. We led 14 people throughout Normandy in 2014, staying 3 nights in a manoir near Valognes and 3 nights in Bayeux. I have also planned Normandy tours for those people who tour Normandy on their own. My sister, who accompanied us in our 2014 tour, brought my attention to your book “The DDay Assault” and your website. I appreciated your simple, straightforward book and its directions.

    What I think is missing in the tour literature is a tour book that offers different options for Americans visiting France who only have a few days near the key battle sites. My greatest frustration is when people tell me they are traveling from Paris for a one day trip to the D-Day sites and then returning the same night – sorry, but hardly worth the trip.

    Are there any guides out there that recommend 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, etc trips? Thanks for creating your website and publishing your guidebook.


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