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US Navy Memorial Postpones Normandy Lone Sailor Dedication to 2022

The United States Navy Memorial will postpone the official ceremony of the Normandy Lone Sailor statue dedication due to the ongoing pandemic. The Dedication...

Private Joe Gandara: Correcting an Error in The D-Day Visitor’s Handbook

In 1993 Congress authorized a review of the military records of African-Americans to determine if any racially biased decisions had been made in the...

The Maisy Battery

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia) Sometime in 1943 the German occupying force in Normandy began construction of a coastal gun battery near the inland village of...

Normandy Chateau Housed Famous Journalist Camp

VOUILLY, France—Some of the biggest names in journalism camped out in tents in front of a medieval chateau while covering the epic battles of...

Bloody Omaha, Part II

2nd in the Series... IV   After baulking at American proposals for eighteen months, serious planning for a cross-Channel attack began in December of 1943, after the...

Medics Showed Bravery at Norman Church

ANGOVILLE-AU-PLAIN, France—An off-the-beaten-path medieval church was the scene of unbelievable heroism on a week in 1944 full of valor. At the Romanesque church at Angoville-au-Plain,...

29th Division Honors Fallen During 75th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion

VIERVILLE-SUR-MER, France—The top officer in the National Guard, and one of the oldest survivors of the D-Day landings, commemorated the 75th anniversary of the...

Friendship Built Through War Continues After 75 Years

Photos by Regina DeCoster VIERVILLE-SUR-MER, France—The horror of war created a friendship for two families that has survived after...

Hedgerows Were Deadly to Fight In…

This video, taken during the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 2014, shows the thickness of the hedgerows in Normandy. These...

Historic Moment the 29th Division Hit Omaha Beach

Military History Travel Hit the link above to see the historic moment, 0620, that the 29th Infantry Division hit...
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